What Exactly Is Big Data Analytics-Its Benefits and Challenges


Big data is the heap of data that is being generated every day in organizations. The process of gathering and analyzing this data is what is known as Big Data Analytics. The process helps identify significant patterns and other information that help an enterprise identify factors that increase their profits. This article will discuss the challenges that Big Data Analytics faces and its benefits.

Challenges of Big Data Analytics

Various organizations face different challenges when it comes to handling big data. The challenges could be as result of the extensive collections of data that are saved in different formats-unstructured and structured formats. Also, the sources of the data differ significantly as a result of data being sourced from various sections of an organization.

Therefore, sorting data that is in unstructured form to make it readily available as structured data, is a very challenging task. Also, handling data that is stored in different locations or multiple systems is also a major challenge.  Know about Enterprise Data Hub here!

Benefits of Big Data Analytics:

  1. Provides competitive advantage

Big Data Analytics help an enterprise to have access to previously unavailable data or information that was hard to access before. The increased data access contributes to understanding the enterprises’ work and its products. This help in laying out business strategies that can help cope with competitive challenges in the large market.


  1. Saves cost

The software used in the process allow an enterprise to store a large amount of data, which in turn get rid of the cost that could have been incurred on traditional databases. The data is mostly stored in clusters and later transferred to traditional databases for further analyses.


  1. Offer business offers

Big Data Analytics assists in identifying business trends and opportunities. The collected data is mostly used to know current customer trends and the right time to launch a new product. For more facts and information about Big Data analytics you can go to http://www.britannica.com/technology/cloud-computing.

In today’s world, big data analytics is helping many organization grow, by boosting their overall sales, increasing profits, reducing risks and improving marketing results. In research field, it is helping in analyzing human behavior, Differentiating human DNA and predicting terrorists’ plans.

Big Data Analytics is a vital asset to an organization and therefore, big data jobs are currently in high demand.

For those who are interested in big data training, there are various data analytics courses available. The popular options are Hadoop training for developers and Hadoop Administration program, and all are available online.

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